The property portfolio held by Varis Group of companies is reflective of current market and economic conditions. We take an astute approach to buying, holding and moving property for the greatest potential outcomes.

Our success relies on a combination of keeping abreast of the market and approaching decisions prudently. We respond quickly when the time is right, or equally refrain from taking action until we believe the results are in the best interests of our family office and fellow investors.

From time to time, Varis Developments  will also hold residential and commercial properties for the rental market if we believe conditions are not at the optimum level for immediate sale and we also aim to build a portfolio of 1000 build to rent units in our portfolio globally.


Varis are open-minded and imaginative about the types of properties we choose to develop and these can vary from new build blocks to dilapidated buildings or ex-commercial office premises.

Being London based developers with international offices and partners  we always think practically about the available space each building permits and we will envisage each project with creative precision. We work closely with our architects to take an innovative and collaborative approach to ensure each individual property fulfils our unique vision.

Our architectural style is typically contemporary, using light and space to our advantage at every opportunity. Modern and sustainable building technologies are employed in the construction process and time is taken to make sure each project complements its own surroundings and communities.


Property Management

Varis Development’s  property management department offer a bespoke range of services to landlords wishing to negate the responsibility of managing and maintaining their properties. Covering anything from a single private property to an entire freehold of mixed used buildings, we treat our clients’ properties as though they were our own.

With over 20 years experience in this area, we have resourced and maintained an impressive internal and external network of professionals, from specialist tradesmen to legal experts whose skilled services we can call upon when required.


Private Finance

We have a couple of partners dedicated to this area of our business based in London. Our funding advisers are fully qualified and committed to securing the most attractive terms for our clients. We benefit from excellent relationships with an established network of lenders, often securing deals that are unavailable elsewhere or on the high street.


Our construction division has a dynamic and flexible approach to each project, meaning we can move quickly through the development cycle from tender and procurement to on-site construction and completion. Varis Projects construction is able to retain full control of each development program it manages and essentially keep a tight reign on the timelines and financials; two fundamental contributors to project success.

The invaluable knowledge of our dedicated team is what really makes this division tick. We have worked hard to create a seamless recipe for success in the building industry and it is down to the experience and knowledge of our team who have continued to learn from each and every project we embark on.

Varis has created a blueprint for its developments, with a solid team that understand, maintain and deliver work that meets our expectations.

Technological Design Philosophy

Design Led

Employing innovative design and construction technology, Varis Developments have established and proven vastly reduced build lead time.


Varis Interior design plays a pivotal role in the completion of any development. We believe that the spatial and interior design must be considered throughout the process in order to complement the architectural scheme for which it was designed. Our visionary interior design team is involved in the consultation on our all of our developments to create beautiful interiors in which people can imagine themselves living.
We can work on behalf of landlords or homeowners to deliver a fully comprehensive interior design solution from conception to delivery. Our team are passionate about everything from kitchens and bathrooms, to tiles, paint and surfaces. We work with clients to inspire them and bring their homes to life.
Our trade access to the interior world gives us leverage to source and buy cost-effectively, especially when buying for multiple properties or larger developments. We also have a selection of high quality, ready-to-go furniture solutions available for residential or rental properties.

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